Lands of Cerenth

The Lands of Cerenth are divided by vast seas, but the ever-moving bridges of sail and timber connect the far-flung shores.

Lands and Waters


  • Cadiel is a warm, tropical region with two central mountain ranges, the Donu Mountains in the southwest and the Shankarpa Hills in the northeast.
  • Ralassa is a series of volcanic islands in the northeast. Due to their origin in the fiery hells, the country is rugged and split, with many jagged peaks and lush valleys between.
  • Stelias is a dry, arid land dominated by the Ever-Shifting Sands for the most part, though the east is tempered by the Three Inland Seas.
  • Zunae is another large, temperate land. The Elohos Mountains, while not challenging the Ironpeaks, are still immense, and dwarf the Heye Peaks in the north of the continent.


  • The Nalen Ocean is the largest sea, filling the divide between the Domain of the Silver Council in the east, Zunae in the west, and the Endless Ice in the north. It divides the world east from west.
  • The Ir’ina Sea is north of Cadiel and east of Ralassa. It connects the Nalen Ocean in the west at the Frigid Straits between Cadiel and Virin M’ket with the Nalen Ocean of the East through the East Waterway between Ralassa and Zunae.
  • The Silver Sea is the placid warm sea between the Domain of the Silver Council and Gwalynn.
  • The Southern Passage is the great sea route along the Southern Endless Ice. A traveler can sail the Passage southwest from Gwalynn, south of Cadiel, Zunae, the Virinir Ketrali, and all the way again to the easternmost peninsula of Gwalynn.