Domain of the Silver Council

Domain of the Silver Council
Capital Lunys
Government Republic
Councilor Ameth of House Eleros
Languages Elven
Inhabitants Elves
Currency Silver Tal
Formation FY 1290
Formed from Elven Enclaves in the Northwilds, successor to Aeldarran Imperium

The homeland of the Elves for countless years, the Domain of the Silver Council extends its sheltering hand from Lunys to shield the elves from the strife that engulfs the outside world. They are quite benevolent, and though they welcome traders in port, outsiders as a whole are considered threatening and a possible danger to peace that has gone so far largely undisturbed.


The Domain of the Silver Council is an ancient, ancient nation. For at least three thousand years, the High Elves have continued their traditions of true experience, austere yet comfortable living, and deep scholarship. The Great Libraries of Lunys are absolutely without parallel, with some tomes even older than the Silver Council itself. However, the elves love of wisdom and quiet contemplation has a counterpart in their dislike of outsiders. Their deep knowledge is for elven eyes only; outsiders represent disruption and change. Many urban elves find even the spontaneity of their fellow citizens, the Wild Elves, trying.


The Silver Council continues as much as it ever has, varying only slightly from century to century. Before the plagues of the Fever Year, the Silver Council ruled the lands which are now Virin Doyen, Virin Ketral, and Sopenla, but the depleted populations and necessity for more centralized resources caused them to withdraw to the mainland – leaving several entire cities to fall into ruin.


The Silver Council is ruled conjointly by two systems – the public system, in which citizens choose representatives to represent their interests on the Silver Council, and an informal system of social influence by historically prominent families.

The Silver Council

The Domain of the Silver Council is ruled by the Silver Council itself – representative elves chosen from various parts of the land. The number on the council varies, as each locality chooses whether or not they want a voice on the council. Councilors are chosen by debate in an open forum, and anyone may nominate themselves to speak, and any interested citizen may participate in the debates. Some contentious selections have lasted several years – though when you live to be 600, that doesn’t seem so long!

The Families

While the Domain of the Silver Council has no true aristocracy, it does have a sort of hereditary meritocracy – where the families of prominent scholars present and past wield a great deal of social influence. Having a famous scholar in your House line will lend more weight to your own voice, while strident debate by someone from a lesser-known House will carry less influence. Critics denigrate this corruption of the Elves’ ‘perfect system,’ but it certainly seems better than some nations’ wholesale open market influence-peddling.