Federation of Ardeya
Capital Samale
Government Senior Council
Councilor Lila Heatherhill
Languages Dwarven
Trade Common
Inhabitants Halflings,Gnomes
Currency Ardeyan Mark
Formation Broke away from Old Alceyn, Feastday, NE 6?

The halflings and the gnomes share the rich land of Ardeya, the gnomes occupying the mountain passes of the northwest, and the halflings the rich fields of the valleys below. Despite its birth in an orgy of violence, it is probably the most peaceful of the states of Old Alceyn.


Ardeya is the hard-won homeland of the Halflings, and they live their lives to the fullest, taking pride and effort in even the simplest tasks of planting and building. They tend to eschew technological innovation in favor of stability and comfort. Despite this, they get along quite well with their fellow citizens, the Gnomes. The Gnomes occupy much of the western mountains passes, centered on their great undermountain city of Norania. Norania is the home of many of the cutting-edge technological advances in the world.


Ardeya is famous for its simple living, its peaceful residents, and its comfortable traditions of fine food, excellent wines, and family ties. This is likely the result of the difficult time the Halflings had in establishing their land. In the bygone days of the Shadow Era, Ardeya was part of Alceyn, and the Halflings resident there subject to the discrimination and maltreatment that demihumans received in those times. The Halflings of those days often were forced to resort to bloody attacks on Alceyn’s power structure that resulted in the sacrifice of many lives. No doubt the devotion to peace and stability in modern Ardeya is the result of those bitter struggles to wash away the stains from the blood and fire from which it was born.


Ardeya is ruled over by a council of elders. Every 5 years villages will elect an elder to represent their interests in the province. The citizens will also send one of the previously chosen elders to represent the province on the Council. While the Gnomes are theoretically represented, most Gnome elders prefer to stay in Norania, furthering their research.

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is the body responsible for all government affairs, from tax rates to calling up the Assembled Yeomanry. Each year the Council selects one of its members to act as the Senior Councilor, a sort of Head of State for Ardeya.

Senior Councilor

The Senior Councilor, while nominally the ruler of Ardeya, has no special power and generally acts as the one voice for the will of the Council. In fact, the title of the Senior Councilor among the Council is often ‘Speaker.’