Nightsun Lands

The Nightsun Lands

The Nightsun Lands are islands that lie in the far north along the marches of the Northern Endless Ice. The Nightsun Lands include the northwestern islands of Virin M’ket and the northeastern isles of Virin Aelus and Island East.


The Nightsun Lands are bounded by the Endless Ice in the north, and by the Ir’ina Sea in the west and the Nalen Ocean in the east. In the west, the warm current from the southwest mixes with the cold north current, but the slight warmth gives Virin M’ket a short but warm summer, while Virin Aelus is locked in cold for most of the year, with a warmer yet still cool summer. On all the islands of the Nightsun Lands are found vast forests of pines, firs, and other wintergreens which can survive the long, harsh cold season.

Western Isles

The islands of the Nightsun Lands are much of a muchness in temperament, rocky islands split by dormant volcanic heights. In the west, the spine of the large island Virin M’ket is formed by the peaks of the Balir Ridge. On and around the Balir are the frost-hardy pines and furs of the Balir Wood.

Eastern Isles

In the east, the peaks of the Ice Heights loom above Virin Aelus. The Ice Heights also carry their decoration of evergreens. To the east is the aptly-named Island East, a mostly uninhabited rocky island covered in evergreen woods and simple lichens.


The Nightsun Lands are among the most recent to host the realms of people, but expanding populations have hacked a foothold into these icy lands.