“Cerenth is the name we give to our world, the 4th star in the constellation of our sun. We share the heavens with our 2 moons, Aumae and Eissa, whose gentle light shows the sweetness of the dark woods when the great Daystar is hidden behind the curve of the world. Many peoples have many names for everything in nature, but to all the speaking peoples of the world the whole of the lands and seas are called Cerenth. Not even we Elves, who named all things, know from whence comes the name. Cerenth has always been the name for the lands, and always shall be.”

– Maisen, Scholar-Warrior of T’ai Lunys

Cerenth is a world of seas, and commerce, culture, and civilization are carried on the wings of sail from one land to another. Cerenth is a world of ocean adventure. It is a world bereft of magic forces, where the rare burst of power or miraculous cure spawns tales for the ages. The sword and sail, the pen and the coin, they are the driving forces in Cerenth!