Cadiel is one of the Great Lands of Cerenth. Cadiel is bound in the West and North by the Ir’ina Sea, in the East by the Nalen Ocean, and in the South by the Great Bay and Stelias in the Southwest.


Cadiel is blessed and cursed to have the warm west sea winds blowing over the land, as this brings the spring floods that both nourish this rich land and sweep away many to their deaths.

The mass of Cadiel is split by two great ranges, the Donu Mountains in the south and west of the land, and the Shankarpa Hills in the north and east. Between the two lies the great Cadiel Plain, whence comes the bounty of grains and rice that Retupani hulls carry to ports far and wide.

Beneath the peaks of the Donu Mountains is the split Mahakali River. The waters of the east river succor the farms of the Umad Hearthlands while the west river brings water to the Lake of Sidrahin and the city that sits astride it. From a southern spur of these mountains originates the great salt Prasoon Lake, which has no outlet to the sea.

North of the Cadiel Plain is the Shankarpa Hills, a range of gently sloping hills which gradually grow into smallish peaks as they head northeast. The runoff of the Shankarpa forms the gentle yet wide Lakshiya River, which joins and helps feed the fens to the east.

In the north of Cadiel are found the Great Fenlands, a wetland of lakes, streams, and swamps where sodden ground is crossed by only small tracks and the bones of the unwary decorate many a dead-end path. It is a Firstday tradition in Retupa for experienced rangers to lead grand hunts for the great seabirds that nest here in the springtime.

Much of the water of the Great Fenlands drains from the Seaward Plains, yet another region of bountiful farmland that Cadiel is blessed with. Coastal villages are famous for feasts of great fishes caught riding the warm current along the coast.

Despite the great rains borne upon the West Wind, and the waters of the Fenlands and the Nalen Ocean, a land in the northeast of Cadiel remains a dry waste where nothing will grow. This has been named the Watery Desert, for despite the great amount of life-giving liquid, there is only sand.


As it has been since the Shadow Era, the land of Retupa encompasses the whole of Cadiel from far southeast where it meets Rosehael to northwest where the land stretches out as if grasping toward the Endless Ice. However, in recent times a rebellion has arisen that seeks to remedy Retupa’s hold on the lands of Cadiel.