Gwalynn is the most densely populated of the Great Lands of Cerenth. Gwalynn is bound in the West by the Strait of Alceyn which separates Gwalynn from Stelias, in the North by the Great Bay, by the Southern Endless Ice in the South, and in the East by the Silver Sea.


Gwalynn is a large land of disparate temperament, with icy death in the southern reaches to gasping heat in the summer of the northern coasts.

South Gwalynn

In the far south lies the expanse of the Endless Ice. The frosty winds stretch out grasping arms to the north as far as the Snowy Hills and the Snowy River below them. This cool air with the wet salt winds from Arattan Bay in the west and Canina Gulf in the east form a cool, temperate region that is ideal for the dense growth of pines and firs in the Shadow Wood.

The weather grows warmer as one travels north across the hilly central highlands and coastal plains of Verannsu and approaches the inland Sea of Jennar and Jennar’s Belt which connects Ironply Bay in the west to the Silver Sea in the east. Jennar’s Belt also seperates the sloping coastal plain of southern Gwalynn from the rocky highlands of the north.

North Gwalynn

North of Jennar’s Belt, Gwalynn is split by the massive Ironpeaks, home of the industrious Dwarves and Gnomes of Gwalynn. In turn, the Ironpeaks Range is split by the Ryssa River. West of the Ironpeaks the lands slopes down to a warm, wet coastal plain that spans the length of the Strait of Alceyn. East of the great peaks is a great vale between the mountains and the River Trassa, the great snowmelt river that empties into the Sea of Jennar.

East across the river is the great burning expanse of the Firesand, home of the Republic of the same name. Finally, if you travel east across the waters from the Firesand you will find the Cielys Isles and the East Silverstrand which seperates Gwalynn from the Virinir Ketrali. Indeed, the Cielys Isles are considered to be the first islands of the Virinir, but as they are currently in possession by a realm of Gwalynn, they are included among the lands of Gwalynn by most scholars.

Feystrait Island

Off of the east coast of Gwalynn is found Feystrait Island, a rocky island home to an independent community of various races, renowned for their annual Dragon Quest and Firstday Tournament. Adventurers from every realm make their way to Feystrait Island each Firstday for a week of contest and sport to test the mettle of Cerenth’s champions.


At one time, Gwalynn was much as Cadiel is in these times, with one great realm covering most all the land, but since the collapse of Old Alceyn near the beginning of the New Era, many realms call the lands of Gwalynn their home.

  • Occupying the south of Gwalynn is Verannsu, which stretches from the Endless Ice to Jennar’s Belt.
  • North of Jennar’s Belt in the far west is Voraen, whose territory sweeps far into the north, with much of the realm in the great Dwarven halls under the Ironpeaks.
  • East of Voraen as far as the River Trassa lies the Halfling realm of Ardeya.
  • Occupying the whole of the Firesand as well as the Cielys Isles is the Republic of the Firesand.
  • Immediately north of the Ironpeaks is found the Duchy of East Alceyn.
  • In the far northwest is found Alceyn, last vestige of the former great power of Gwalynn.